Adryan Corcione is a freelance drug journalist and SEO content marketing professional. They work as a health copywriter for FOLX HEALTH, an LGBTQ+ virtual healthcare company. They also contribute reporting to Filter Mag, an online harm reduction magazine.

Although they focus on reporting about health and drugs from an LGBTQ+ perspective, they’ve also  written about breaking news and current events, politics, arts and entertainment/culture, history, business, and more for major publications including Teen Vogue, ViceEsquire, Playboy, MTV News, SELF, Allure, them, Rolling Stone, Rewire, and many more.

In 2019, they were awarded a reporting grant from the American Association of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) for their reporting on LGBTQ+ mental health for Teen Vogue. They’ve since received grant awards from PEN America and Authors League Fund. They’ve been quoted in publications by other journalists as well as interviewed in podcasts, (live and pre-recorded) radio interviews, and (live and pre-recorded) video interviews.

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