Adryan Corcione is a journalist and writer based in New Jersey. They currently work as a health copywriter and SEO marketing content professional for FOLX HEALTH, an LGBTQ+ virtual healthcare company. They also write a monthly newsletter on Substack.

Although they focus on reporting about health and drugs from an LGBTQ+ perspective, they’ve also  written about breaking news/current events, politics, arts/entertainment/culture, history, business, and more for major publications including Teen Vogue, ViceEsquire, Playboy, MTV News, SELF, Allure, them, Rolling Stone, Rewire, and many more.

In 2019, they were awarded a reporting grant from the American Association of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) for their reporting on LGBTQ+ mental health for Teen Vogue. They’ve since received grant awards from PEN America and Authors League Fund. They’ve been quoted in publications by other journalists in both live and pre-recorded radio and video interviews as well as podcasts.